Luxury Dog Collars: How Much Do Designer Dog Collars Cost?

Who said luxury brands are just for humans?

Knowing how much pet owners love to spoil their furry friends, it’s not a surprise to see people willing to splash insane amounts of riches to adorn their pets with opulent accessories. From cute little bow ties to stylish collars, the pet world is sprawling with cute pet accessories. That’s why some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses can be seen making headlines for crafting some bank-bursting jewellery for our four-legged buddies… the price range of which can be anywhere between a few hundred to a million dollars!

What Designer Brands Sell Dog Collars

A number of iconic fashion houses are active players in the dog collar game. So if you’re looking to take the sport of spoiling your pup to the ultimate level, you’re in luck. We’ve sniffed out a few notable designer brands that aim to meet your luxury-collar cravings.

Louis Vuitton Dog Collar

Louis Vuitton bags are cherished by women all over the world. Now the legendary luxury brand is quickly taking over the hearts of pet lovers too! Flaunting the same signature Louis Vuitton Brown Monogram Canvas that so many of us drool over, the BAXTER DOG XSMALL COLLAR is specifically designed for petite breeds. It has a natural cowhide leather backing, shimmering golden brass details, a customisable plate, and an LV symbol engraved bow that can be easily detached. You’ll find the BAXTER XSMALL COLLAR on the LV website currently priced at 410.00 USD.

Another LV dog collar option you have at your disposal is the BAXTER DOG COLLAR PM which you can grab for 345.00 USD. It comes in a Monogram canvas, natural tanned leather backing, an ID tag and can be attached with a separately sold Baxter dog leash. The dog collars come enclosed in a box with a Louis Vuitton serial number, dust bag, and an authenticity card.

If you never fall out of style with the iconic Louis Vuitton style, you can count on the fact that your beloved canine won’t either.

Gucci Dog Collar

If mommy can rock Gucci, then why can't the poochie? That’s why GUCCI has come up with its own designer dog collar to elevate pet fashion to a whole new level. If you’re a fan of GUCCI's bold and most recognisable red and green print, their collar will make a perfect addition to your dog’s collar collection. With gold metal hardware, it embodies GUCCI’s time-honored style and elegance. The collar is fully adjustable making it an ideal option for medium and larger canines. And if you’re planning to put it on your chihuahua, you receive the exclusive option of renaming it to GuChihuahua! The GUCCI dog collar will cost you upwards of 335.00 USD.

Fendi Dog Collar

FENDI is definitely one of those high-end luxury brands that add a celebrity touch to your fashion. With FENDI’s designer dog collars, your beloved four-legged friend can now enjoy the taste of a celebrity dog life! The FENDI dog collar is made up of premium quality polyester, allowing it to hold up to your dog’s crazy adventures. The Palladium-finish metalware adds further durability and the collar packs a classy punch with its signature FF motif in brown and tobacco. The collar is fully adjustable with a pin buckle to fit most small and large-sized dogs.

So if your dog is on the higher end of the size scale, this can surely be a great option. The leash is user-convenient since it's a quick-release leash making it easy to attach and detach your pet. The FENDI dog collar comes with a FF engraved customisable ID tag and a leash set (which can also be purchased separately). You can easily grab the FENDI dog collar for 290.00 USD from their website.

Tiffany Dog Collar

When you think about Tiffany you think about their luxury goods, particularly their diamond and sterling silver jewellery. But did you know they also make classy pet products? Their sleek and minimalist dog collar is crafted from the best Italian leather and coupled with the brand value of Tiffany and Co. it makes for a perfect luxury item for your beloved doggo. The serene blue-collar is complimented with gorgeous palladium plated metal hardware giving a luxurious look and feel. The collars are available in 5 different sizes from extra small to extra large. This collar costs 300.00 USD to 400.00 USD, depending on the size you require. For those who want to splurge on a dog collar, this is a bold, chic choice.

Most Expensive Dog Collar

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are a man’s best buddy. What happens when you combine the two? You get Amour Amour’s diamond-encrusted ultra-luxe dog collar! Once dubbed as the “Bugatti of dog collars”, it’s the world's most expensive dog collar with a head-turning price tag of 3.2 million USD.

The 52-carat diamond collar features three tiers of diamonds inspired by a chandelier design. This extravagant piece of pet jewellery shines with a staggering 1,600 hand-set diamonds plus a 7 carat, colour graded, brilliantly shaped centrepiece. Don't think diamonds are luxurious enough? The strap itself is made from 18-carat white gold which also ensures the durability for this precious piece to last a lifetime. Besides the luxury aspect, this fancy pet ornament also provides extreme comfort and durability for the most privileged of pooches thanks to its exotic crocodile leather.

Moreover, the Amour Amour dog collar has its very own Wikipedia page dedicated to it and has amassed acclaim from several media houses, online blogs while being featured on a number of documentaries and TV shows.

At $3.2 million, one thing’s for sure: this is definitely the pet jewellery to own if you want to voice to the world that your beloved pooch is priceless.

However, as opposed to the previous designer dog collars, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to easily nab this one from a website.

Would You Get A Designer Dog Collar?

These are just some of the popular neck-cessories we have found for your pets, and there are plenty of other brands that design and produce cute canine collars that can help your pooch achieve the perfect runway look.

So which luxury pet collar did you find most appealing? Which one do you wish to add to your dog’s collar collection? Don’t forget to let us know. And if you have any questions, don’t pause to get in touch.

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