Is The BioThane Used In Waterproof Dog Collars Harmful To My Dog?

Do you have active dogs that just love getting wet, enjoy swimming and rolling in unspeakable things every chance they get? Then this article is definitely for you.

Dogs are unique and majestic animals. While there are dogs that are terrified of 6 inches of water and require constant hugs in between baths, there are also those that absolutely love getting drenched. So much so that they will gleefully rocket launch themselves in a wet washcloth if they can. Although we love them regardless of their water preferences, not every dog collar is built to withstand your dog’s splashy needs.

The most common dog collars are made up of Nylon and Polyester. They offer the widest variety in patterns, colors, and widths. But when it comes to durability, cleanliness, and washability, these types of collars aren't the most reliable.

Nylon collars are infamous for holding on to moisture and taking forever to dry. If your dog loves to roll in stinky stuff like chicken poop and dirty mud puddles, you’ll need to wash your nylon collars multiple times a day and spend hours waiting for them to dry. Plus the prolonged dampness can make your pet sick and uncomfortable. Moreover, Nylon can be quite stiff and hard. This can often result in discomfort, causing skin rashes by constantly rubbing and scratching against your dog’s skin. They also hold on to bad odors causing them to start getting grungy and smelly really quick. The fabric also wears off quite fast, so they need to be replaced frequently.

BioThane Waterproof Dog Collars

So if you have a doggo that instantly transforms into an Olympic swimmer the moment he sees a body of water, your best choice is a BioThane Waterproof Collar. Biothane collars are ideal for dogs that love to splash and sprinkle. It’s made up of polyester webbing that is powder-coated with either polyurethane or polyvinyl materials. So the Biothane material doesn't hold moisture keeping it dry and odor-resistant. No more worrying about your adventurous pup’s collar stinking to the highest heaven just after a few days of use.

Is BioThane Harmful?

We get it, BioThane isn’t the cutest name in the world. It almost sounds like something you’d find in a nuclear power plant. But in reality, it’s 100% non-toxic and 100% safe for your dog. The materials used – polyester webbing, polyvinyl, and polyurethane—are non-toxic. They won’t cause any allergic reactions or endanger your dog in any way. They’re actually safer than nylon which collects fur and can be harsh on dogs with sensitive skin even going as far as to cause bleeding. The flexible material in BioThane collars makes them comfortable for all types of fur. Since the collar doesn't get slimy and smelly over time, there are rarely any infections. This prevents rashes and helps your pooch stay healthy and smelling fresh.

Main Benefits Of BioThane Dog Collars

BioThane collars are not porous like nylon webbing or leather, making it impermeable and easy to clean. Drool wipes off without a fuss, taking only seconds to clean. If it gets dirty all you have to do is wash it or just wipe it off with a paper towel or damp cloth, saving hours of your precious and valuable time which you can utilize doing other tasks. No one wants to spend their life scrubbing away dog collars, right?

Since it's water-repellent, the shape of the collar stays intact without shrinking or losing flexibility. This makes BioThane Collars super durable and capable of withstanding a lot of doggo abuse like chewing, pulling, and yanking. So if you own a few big dogs that like to tear each other’s collars off during playtime, this is one collar that you can totally count on. Doesn’t matter how much your canine buddy frolics in the water, it won't damage the collar, nor will the water affect the BioThane’s structure and longevity. This is the perfect heavy-duty collar you can wrap around your dog’s neck every time you head for the woods, the beach, a lake swim, and even kayaking trips.

Other Benefits of BioThane Dog Collars

Thanks to its flexibility, the collar protects your dog from suffocation and hanging in case he snags himself in the woods or in the outdoors. They also have the option of engraving your dog’s identification details directly on the collar. This makes your canine’s name and your phone number visible on the collar should your pet get lost. It's also a great idea to get BioThane collars with reflective material for night visibility. In case your pet ever wanders off in the dark, this will make it easy to be seen from hundreds of feet away. Also, make sure you get the real BioThane Collar and not the cheap knockoff that ends up peeling and cracking after a month of use.

BioThane for Water Loving Dogs

There's nothing better than seeing your best buddies happy. We love the spirit and joy water brings to baby pups, and we don't want any itchy stinky nylon collar to kill it! And a BioThane Waterproof Collar lets you cheer and relish from the sidelines as your dog comfortably enjoys all the watery goodness the world has to offer. It relieves you from the burden of regularly maintaining your dogs’ collar and worrying about their health. Be it a Labrador, a Golden Retriever, or Bloodhound, if your dog likes to get wet and dirty you can’t go wrong with this one.

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