Is A Breakaway Collar Really A Better Pet Collar Choice?

When I ask you to think about a pet accessory, what’s the first thing that jumps to your mind? There’s a fat chance it’s a pet collar.

Pet collars are by far the most important safety device a pet owner can have in their arsenal. A sturdy dog collar is what stops your ultra-playful pooch from dragging you across the street just because he smells a cat. This helps discipline your pet and helps avoid fatal accidents like stopping them from running into busy traffic.

In case your adventurous pets get lost in their pursuit to discover uncharted lands, a traditional collar is your best hope of getting them home safely. Especially for newborn puppies and kittens who are new to unfamiliar neighbourhoods and highly populated areas.

But not all pet collars are created equal.

Traditional collars are among the most common pet collars you’ll find. They have clasps that are designed to stay closed no matter how much weight or force you put on them and do not open easily during sticky situations. This results in pets getting stuck in branches, ledges, and fences, while their owners are away, causing them to panic and often strangle themselves to death. Statistics show that conventional collars are responsible for killing or injuring over 26,000 dogs every year! There are also frequent accounts of dogs getting their jaws, paws, and claws twisted in other dogs’ collars while playing together. This can be a terrifying experience for the dogs and the owner because failure to unclasp the collar in time can often result in severe injuries and even death.

That’s why Quick-release or Breakaway Collars are such a life-saver! While operating like every other traditional collar, breakaway collars have an additional safety feature that significantly reduces the risk of your pet injuring or strangling themselves.

Quick Release Collar

Breakaway collars consist of a unique quick-release buckle that is designed to instantly unlatch when your pets pull or yank on them with sufficient amount of force. In the event their collars are stuck on something rigid, like a fence, tree branch, or ledge, the quick-release collar will automatically unclip, allowing your pet to safely get away within seconds. According to pet experts, breakaway collars drastically bring down chances of your pet getting strangled by the collar when you’re not accompanying them.

Breakaway collars are best for indoor cats and dogs that love to bolt around the house and jump from one piece of furniture to the next. They’re also an equally good option for pets that are extra adventurous and have a natural tendency to stay outdoors.

Breakaway Dog Collar

Many devoted doggo lovers use only breakaway collars and passionately advocate that every dog wears one. Especially if the dog loves staying outdoors or has a habit of playing with other dogs. There are countless tragic cases of dogs getting their jaws hooked on traditional collars making them twist and wriggle around trying to get loose. This can be extremely painful for your dog and if you’re not nearby to pin them down and unhook the collars in time this could eventually lead to dislocated bones and even strangulation. With a breakaway safety collar around your dog’s neck, the buckle quickly unclips itself allowing your dog to safely get away without requiring you to be present at all times.

Moreover, they are built to take a beating. The plastic side-release buckles on the collars are designed to endure high impact. They stay on like they should and only break away during rough playtime with friends. So this means you don’t have to worry about other pups getting strangled by the collar when you’re not watching, even if your dog’s a “puller” or loves to chew on everything soft and rubbery.

It’s important to pick the right size when choosing a safety breakaway collar. The collar should not be too tight or too loose. Known as the two-finger rule, it’s recommended that the collar should be tight enough to fit two fingers between it and the dog’s neck. This way the dog gets a comfortable fit and also makes it much more difficult for other dogs to get their canine teeth inside the collar.

Breakaway Cat Collar

Cats are smart animals. Most cats have concerning habits of sliding into tight spaces and climbing on top of furniture. Some tend to be so fascinated with trees and bushes that they can be called bush ninjas! These adorable yet troublesome attributes make our feline friends very prone to accidents and there are countless annual reports of cats found dead in bushes after choking themselves on their non-breakaway collars. That’s why many cat owners strictly recommend using quick-release collars for everyday use. A breakaway cat collar also has a clasp that opens easily when a sudden force is applied to it. It allows you to safely leave your cat’s collar on while they play around and wander outdoors.

Some cats are notorious for losing their collars faster than others since they tend to explore in bushes or roam around outdoors. The breakaway collars are built strong and sturdy. They only unlatch when your kitties are really stuck but holds tight and doesn’t drop off when they’re scratching their ears or just walking through the house. Many breakaway collars also have your cat’s identification laser engraved directly onto the strip. This fully solves the recurring problem of cats losing their hanging tags and reassures you that your kitty’s name and your phone number will be visible on the collar should your pet get lost.

Achieving Peak Safety with Breakaway Collars

We can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure the maximum safety of your beloved pets. So if you wish to maximise your pet’s safety, it’s a great idea to look for breakaway collars with reflective material for night visibility. This ensures that your pet will be easily spotted from hundreds of feet away in case they ever wander off in the dark.

Finally, a strong breakaway collar equips your pet with a quick-release feature, an engraved ID tag, and luminescent material. This allows your pet to be fabulous and safe in every situation imaginable, making breakaway collars the best neck-cessory for our four-legged friends.

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