A Quick Release Collar Could Save Your Pet’s Life

We probably both agree that pet collars are super important. In the event of a lost pet, traditional collars can be the key to getting your pets home safely. They're great for protecting newborn puppies and kittens, especially in unfamiliar neighbourhoods and highly populated areas.

But did you know one of the greatest dangers you can expose your pet to is leaving them with a collar on?

According to many trained vets and animal experts, deaths due to traditional collars are rampant among pets. Conventional collars reportedly kill or injure over 26,000 dogs every year! As our adventurous pets spring and sling through tree branches and fences, they can often get stuck and start panicking. This causes your pets to violently pull, tug, and twist, eventually leading them to unknowingly strangle themselves.

Moreover, cats and dogs are also likely to get their lower jaws hooked on collars causing them to flip out and start writhing around trying to get loose. This can leave your dog with a broken jaw while fatally injuring and even choking their pet-playmates. If you’re not right there to unclasp the collars quickly, this can often lead to death.

So, what's the solution?

It’s counterintuitive to take your pet's collar off when you leave the house since it's essential for their identification in case they run away or get lost. But the reality is there are tragic reports every year of dogs getting their collars stuck on something in their owner's absence, which is just as strong a reason to avoid them.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent these accidents – Breakaway collars or Safety collars. They function like every other collar, are easy to use but with the added benefit of a quick-release safety feature.

Why Breakaway Collars Are Such A Lifesaver

Quick-release buckle:

Traditional collars have a clasp or buckle that snaps together and have teeth that do not open easily and can only be opened by unclasping the buckle by hand. So they are designed to stay closed when pulled, regardless of the force applied, and work best for pets who are walked on leashes and harnesses. You should never put them on when you leave your pets to wander freely and unsupervised. Especially on young pets that are inexperienced in an outdoor environment or have a tendency to get in mischievous situations indoors.

Breakaway collars have a quick-release buckle that automatically detaches itself when your pet suddenly pulls or tugs on it. This allows them to safely get away from injury and strangulation when the collar gets caught on a tree branch, fence, or in the jaws of another animal.

Another common dog owner emergency is when their dogs have their jaws hooked on collars. It’s close to impossible to slide or unhook their collars off while they’re flipping out, especially if they’re big. Sometimes the only option is to cut the collars apart, and that’s not always possible. With a quick-release buckle, you’ll be able to quickly unclip your dog’s collar without having to scramble for something sharp.

Safety collars will work best for pets that are extra adventurous and love to wreak havoc in our backyards. They are also an equally good option for indoor cats and dogs that like to dart across the house and aspire to reach for furniture summits.

Sturdy and reliable buckle:

Quick-release collars have sturdy buckles that are designed to handle high impact and remain secure. They are very durable and the clasps are easy yet stay clipped during rough play and even when there’s some chewing action going on. This allows them to last throughout your pet’s growth and weaning time. So if you have a German Shepherd or any dog breed that grows fast, these can be a great option.

Moreover, breakaway collars aren't too easy or too hard to get off in case of a safety situation. They stay on like they should and only break away when things get extra rough. In case your dog’s a “puller” or filled to the brim with adventurous energy, breakaway collars are your best friend. Therefore, whether you own a stubborn Rottweiler, a hyper-active Siberian Husky, or a super inquisitive cat, you’re in luck! You don’t have to worry about any accidents when you leave your high-spirited pets unsupervised.

Maximise your pet’s protection:

Getting a quick-release breakaway dog collar can save your pets from unforeseeable and dangerous situations that often end tragically. There are countless reports and heartbreaking stories of pets hanging and suffocating themselves due to their collars. With the safety quick-release feature in place, your furry friends can easily escape their collar when they find themselves in tricky situations simply by applying enough pressure to it. Finally, it’s important to pick the right size when choosing the right safety collar. You need to measure your pet’s neck size and girth before you buy one so you get the best fit and highest protection. You should also know the different collar materials available. Most popular breakaway collars are made from nylon and leather.

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